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When ‘Tommy’ goes off to war the families are left behind and their contribution to the overall situation is often overlooked. Nobody should under estimate the tremendous part they play in Battalion life and for their efforts we are eternally grateful.

Things have improved over the years and some of the stories which ended in tears at the time may raise a laugh today and also serve as a reminder and help for all when things are not going well and you feel that it’s only happening to you.

Having been brought up as a ‘Brat’ myself I well remember the many Aunts and Uncles that surrounded you within the Battalion family network Even to this day, although now in my sixties, I still get apprehended at reunions by former friends of my parents and addressed as ‘young !”£$%’.

I am sure that many of the wives will have stories of the handover march ins and march outs within the military. The joy of arriving in Cyprus on a Saturday afternoon unaware that Cyprus shuts at lunchtime on a Saturday.

How come that nice man in the Barrack Office or Estate Wardens Office who assured the wives that they needed worry about this or that always seemed to disappear at the end of a tour! The cleaning of a quarter until the early hours of the morning because everybody did! Was it worth it?

I know that the wives and some of the children made friends that have lasted them a lifetime and it would be fair to say that without the strong family bond behind it the Battalion would find it difficult to function at the highest level.


The recent tour in Afghanistan has brought a new aspect to family life within the Vikings There is now a stronger bond between the families of the Vikings than possibly at any other time. That support will hopefully continue and can only be an asset.

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