Viking Characters

What makes somebody a legend? What is a legend? Well I’m not actually sure, however the following people made an impact on me and had an influence, in one way or another, on my military career; Ron Evans MM, Brian King, Jim Carpenter, John Watson, Eddie Davies, John Fiske, Roy Smith, Mel Spauls, Tony Powell, Mick Fowler, Dougie May, David ‘DC’ Thorne, Tony Pollard and Mike Walker.

Whilst too young to influence my own path across ‘The Rich Tapestry of Life’ I must also mention Tony Jones, Bob Grenfell, Orville Wright and Dean Steffanetti whose military careers have given me a great deal of pleasure over the years.

The above list obviously focus’s on my era and hopefully we will receive further nominations in the same vein.

Dougie May

Jock McKenna

Paddy Doherty

Alex Jack

Pete Elliott

Weasel Henson

Roy Osborne

Geordie Patterson

The Mascots

Teasey Hallam

Whoppie Greaves

Donkey Denham

Marcellous Roberts


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