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Fitness is and always will be an important part of a soldiers life and it follows that participating in sport is greatly encouraged. The following pages are dependent on participants sharing their experiences with the rest of us. Pride and satisfaction can be as easily achieved in an inter platoon competition as in winning the Army Championships. As long as we

The following information is not set in concrete and not everyone may agree with some of the content. However, they are all people who have enhanced the reputation of the Vikings on the sports field or equivelant, in one way or another through the years. Whilst individuals deserve credit for their efforts, there are several occasions when teams have achieved results which make it difficult if not impossible to isolate individual, for often it is the team with the strongest weakest link that will overcome.

Within this folder, I have included personalties who actually achieved notable results before joining the Battalion. The 50’s record will be slightly thin on the ground as the Vikings didn’t form up until 1959, but it includes some interesting information never the less.

We welcome additions to the list or personel experiences and/or memories. The names are in no order of merit.


John Watson Football:

John Watson was Captain of the 1st East Anglian Regimental football team on the formation of the Regiment in 1959. He was a centre half of the’old school’ and could probably head the ball further than most people could kick it, it would be fair to say John was a hard man, both mentally and physically and he would have made Chopper Harris and Co. look like a bunch of girls! He represented the unit through two decades and will also be remembered for the outstanding B Company team that he produced in Cyprus in 1972 which swept the board across the island.


Jim Carpenter Swimming & Boxing:

Jim Carpenter was a boxer and swimmer at international schoolboy level before he joined the Battalion. Unfortunately these are not sports that the Battalion followed at a high level. Jim’s enthusiasm and professionalism was evident in all sports across the board within the Vikings.

Dean Hurd Boxing:

Dean Hurd was Army Welterweight Champion in 1980 and Combined Services Finalist. He represented the Army and Combined Services on several occasions.


Bill Tancred MBE Athletics:

Bill Tancred left the 1st Battalion in the 60’s to further his career in physical training and join the Army Physical training Corps (APTC). He already had a formidible reputation on the athletics field at Army and Combined Service level and he went on to represent Great Britain at two Olympic Games in 1968 and 1972.


Nick Crawshaw Target Rifle:

Nick Crawshaw was a member of the Great Britain Target Rifle Team before he joined the Army. He continued to represent his Country when his military career permitted. Nick transferred to the AAC and unfortunatly died from cancer well before his time. I remember competing at Bisley when the Vikings entered a team in the Army Target Rifle Championships. Coaching is permitted in this match, so Nick guided Sweeney Todd, KC Jones and Roger Hare through the various practices to win.

David Thorne Cricket:

David Thorne who was known affectionally as ‘DC’ had such an impressive pedigree as a soldier and leader of men that his sporting abilities and acheivements sometimes pale into insignificance. David’s sporting links continued well past the time that most of us have hung up our several pairs of boots. Having been a key member of Army and combined service teams for cricket and squash throughout his Army career as well as playing for Norfolk, he continued playing both games until he was no longer able to do so and he continued to Hash right up to his death. In 1993 he became the President of the Norfolk County Cricket Club – which was a source of deep satisfaction to him for his grandfather had been President some 46 years previously. He was deeply honoured that he was asked to serve for three years rather than the normal two. He felt able to give back some of the pleasure he had drawn from his early years when he played with such fine cricketers as Bill and John Edrich, Peter Parfitt and Clive Radley. And the club benefited from David’s uproarious laugh and the occasional arrival of the Regimental band to play at the Annual Cricket festival.

Bill Mooring, John Ross and Dennis Foran Cyprus Walkabout:

Charlie Clover Athletics: Charlie Clover won the Gold Medal in the Javelin in the 1974 Commonwealth Games with a throw of over 84 metres. He was the World Junior Champion and this was all before he joined the Army. A peaceful life in Ipswich as a postman was interupted and he became a Viking. Charlie was obviously a key member of the 1977 Athletics Team that won the Army Championships. He was a quiet, likeable soldier and a pleasure to watch in action.

I think that it is an interesting fact that our Bill Tancred (see above) won the Silver Medal in the Discus at the 1974 Commonwealth Games, an ex Viking and a future Viking in action, and they never knew!


1977 Athletics Team:

Tony Domeisen Shooting & X Country Skiing:

Tony Domeisen won the Queens Medal in 1977 and very nearly acheived another victory in the early 80’s but ended up with the Silver Jewel in second place. He was also manager of the Great Britain Cross Country Ski Team and Biathlon Team in the mid 70’s.


Tony Jones Football, Athletics, Cricket, Cross Country:

I have included Tony Jones because I consider him to be one of the most outstanding all rounders that I have ever come into contact with. Tony was capable of competing at Army level at Football and Athletics and did so for many years. After his playing career ended, he has been instrumental in coaching several sports including the Infantry Football Team. Through his military career he has proved that you can produce the highest standards on the sports field, whilst pursueing a highly successful military career. He was always an inspiration and was a key member of the Vikings Athletics Team that won the Army Athleticsin 1977.

Richard Bonnett Orienteering:

Richard Bonnett was Army Orienteering Champion at all levels for many years. Richard was a quite unapposing person who managed to achieve his incredible standards dispite suffering serious injury earlier in is military career.


Ken Bodger Athletics:

Ken Bodger was an outstanding field athlete. He was Army and Combined Services Hammer Champion on several occasions. In 1980 He was voted the Most Outstanding Field Athlete of the Year. Ken was a key member of the 1977 Team that won the Army Championship in 1977.

Lt Simpson Rugby

Paul Smith Athletics:

Lynn Worby Football & Athletics:

Kenny Parsons Athletics:

Roy King Athletics & Cross Country:

Barry Lincoln Athletics & Cross Country:

Ian Butler Football:

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