From 1982 to 1984 the Battalion were stationed in Oakington Near Cambridge. During this period they also completed a deployment to Belize for 6 months and were also deployed on the civil unrest at Greenham Common and Moleworthy. In 1984 the Battalion celebrated it’s Tercentenary as it would not be possible to conduct celebrations in true Viking fashion during the forecoming deployment to Northern Ireland in 1985.

1995 to 1997 saw the The Battalion was again stationed in Oakington Barracks and in 1996 C Company was sent with the Parachute Brigade that was taking part in the biggest Airborne exercise since the Second World War in South Carolina, U.S.

Oakington is another former RAF station which became an Army Barracks, however it’s day’s of glory are now long gone and it has become a centre for asylum seekers. It should be noted that this involved a considerable amount of renovation, as the conditions that our servicemen had to live in were not up to the standard for it’s new inhabitants!!

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