Snow, snow, quick, quick, snow, is a fairly good description of life on the AML (F). Also expensive beer and a life of purgatory for those that could not ski!! The Battalion spent four or five years in Norway dependent on how lucky or unlucky you were.

The majority of the training took place up in the Mjofeld Valley, accommodation varied in standard and social merit from the Norwegian Army Camp at the bottom of the Valley to the hostel at the top of the valley. Half way up the valley was Kardells Pension, which brought a slight touch of luxury to the training, influenced by your rank or position.

The Company Commander got the best suite, as you would expect, and this came with a genuine fireplace. Unfortunately for him, the OR’s bar was below and it didn’t take long for the men to discover that the chimney system was linked up and by standing in the downstairs fireplace with your head up the chimney, greatly improved the acoustics and made sleep difficult if not impossible for the OC!

Life for the CQMS fluctuated from being a hotel manager to prison governor. Mrs Kardell took great delight in lulling unsuspecting soldiers into a sense of false security, and then wham! the time to hand over.

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