Having spent a great deal of time surfing the web and enjoying some of the excellent military history sites, I decided that I would try to have a dabble myself. What started off as a fairly simple project to while away the hours in Afghanistan, has developed into an unending souce of pleasure for me and hopefully you. This website is not aimed just at the members of the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment and whilst some of the content may appear to be teaching you ‘to suck eggs’ if you have a military background I have tried to capture a wider audience who may also have an interest.

The 1st Battalion of The Royal Anglian Regiment have long and proudly been known as ‘The Viking’s’. The Battalion has a long and colourful history and is enriched by a wealth of customs and traditions. Many of these have been inherited from our former regiments and originate from acts of heroism and distinguished conduct. Events and honours which occurred and were awarded over 300 years of history stretching back to 1685.

Those of us who have served or are serving in the Battalion or our former regiments are the custodians of these customs and traditions and so much of the daily life when serving is influenced by the actions of our predecessors.

This website attempts to not only explain the origins of these traditions and our history, but also to provide a venue for like minded people to share their memories and experiences.

The Battalion and it’s predecessors fought at famous battles from history such as Almanza, Minden, Salamanca and Waterloo. In more recent times we have been in two World Wars, Korea, Malaya, Cyprus, Aden, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

We owe it to those who have gone before us, and those who will come after us to keep these traditions alive.

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